Some Of The Most Beautiful Destination For Tour

Every people like to travel the most beautiful places in the world. They will plan for their vacations and like to choose the place where they can visit so many beautiful things. Indonesia is one of the best choice for tourist those who like to travel Southeast Asia. The country is famous for its islands and it is the largest island place in the world. People can find different tradition, culture and language in each island. Top Cities in indonesia are Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Depok, Manada, Semarang and Lombok. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and it has many shopping malls and Grand Indonesia is the famous shopping mall in the city. Many historical places and largest mosque in the world are present on this city.

 Top Places In The Country

 Bandung is most beautiful city and it is famous for its tea plantation. It is also famous for resorts and volcanoes eruption. It is the best place for the geologist and many people from all over the world are visiting this place. Surabaya is one of the oldest cities of Indonesia and it is famous for its mosques. People those who are interest in visiting the mountains and green forests then they can go to Bali. This city is famous for its religious site. People those who like to observe the tradition of Indonesia can visit Depok. There are many famous places are in the city and it is the best destination for vacation. Manada is best place for food lovers. The city is most popular for its traditional way of food. The street foods are very taste and it is one of the most memorable experiences for food lovers.

Historical Place And Beautiful Island

Semarang is popular for its historical buildings, museum and monuments. Semarang is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia. The city consists of eighteenth century’s monuments and temples. Lombok Island is beautiful island of Indonesia and it is popular for place for both the local and foreign visitors. This island is loaded with natural waterfalls and natural beauty. There are many eye catching places are there in Indonesia which is good for the tourists.

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