The Stock Pile Dust Control system uses innovative methods to control dust

The man requires clean air to breathe. In this age of rapid industrialization, find clean air to breathe is difficult. You have the requirement of minerals and ores for the development of humankind. In order to procure these ores from the earth, you need the services of the mines. Now, mines can be a great source of dust as well. Hence, the responsibility of the mine owner becomes an onerous one. He has to ensure the production of high-quality ore and see to it that people get clean air to breathe as well. This is the main reason the Governments do not encourage people to reside near the mines. The dust pollution can take a heavy toll on their lives. However, you need people to work in the mines as well. The health concerns of these people rest with the mine owners. They have to take measures to ensure the flow of clean breathable air inside the mines. Wet Earth has the requisite solutions in place.

The mineworkers inside the mines take all the possible precautions to avoid physical injuries. They even wear masks to ensure that they do not inhale the obnoxious fumes inside the mines. However, they require a blast of clean breathable air inside the mines. The areas around the stockpiles see the accumulation of dust in huge quantities. You need sprinklers of the highest quality to purify the air around these areas. The mine owners should make sure that he maintains adequate Stockpile Dust Control measures.

The best way to do so is to install the control spray systems at strategic locations. Te advantage of these sprinklers is that they can eject water droplets at considerable speeds for a distance of more than 90m at a stretch. These water droplets attach themselves to the dust particles and render them heavier than air. This makes them immobile and hence, they fall down to the ground. You can easily sweep them away. This may seem like a crude method to remove dust. However, this is an effective method all the same. You can also make use of the Dust Suppression Sprays. These sprays use chemicals instead of water and thus keep the moisture levels in check as well. In case you use too much of water, it can make the area inhospitable. In addition, ores like iron ore etc can form a coating of rust thereby reducing the efficiency of the ore a great deal.

The advantages of this stock Pile Dust Control System are that they can integrate will all types of mines. You can modify and use the system as per your requirement. Controlling the system is very easy. These are usually automatic systems with a PLC-based control system. Hence, you can also term them as fully customizable. These systems work on solar power as well thereby reducing your dependence on electricity. Hence, in addition to helping provide clean air to breathe, they do their part in the reduction of the global warming effect to perfection.

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